Hand Claps & Hand Cheese

Arrived in Maintal and greeted by Birgit at Schalander. This is our only repeat venue from last year and it's one of our all time favorites. We were immediately presented with a stocked food basket. We had plenty of time to rest before our show and go to the local ice cream shop. 

Our show was sold out and there were some familiar faces. We didn't think our experience could top last year, but we were wrong. Birgit is an outstanding host, bringing such a warm energy, and attracts true music appreciators. After performing, we exchanged stories with audience members. Our new friend Simone gave us a culinary mission to eat handkäse mit musik, a Hessen specialty. It's a handmade cheese marinated in oil and vinegar, topped with raw red onion. Birgit offered to prepare some for us before we took off. 

Best sleep so far.

We went to our hand cheese appointment and then drove to Offenbach, smelly but satiated.


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