(For The Wolfish & Wandering)...a great introduction to Vargas' raggedly delicate vocals and the kind of sonic landscape that conjures other worlds. Her poetic lyricism is rooted in the folklore and storytelling of that area where the landscape oozes a sense of magical possibilities. Vargas pulls us in on what may be her most complete musical statement to date.” - Felix Contreras


Her "Americana singer-songwriter" slot barely hints at her yipping growl, quirky phrasing, erotic substratum, or metaphorical range, but it may suggest why it never adds up to enough ("Roll Around," "7 Inches")” - Robert Christgau


There is an unlimited amount of potential in this superstar on the rise.” - Kyle Stevens

The Huffington Post

'Call Back the Dogs' shines in showing off Vargas’ raspy vocals and southwestern style. Her lyrics paint the young singer/songwriter as an unapologetic badass, as she sings, “Breaking it down just to build it back up/Takes a little bit of prowess and whole lotta luck,” and later, “Don’t you be expecting me at all/‘cause you and I have been sniffing around like two hounds in the fog.” Vargas already has the chops of a far more seasoned songwriter, which makes it hard to believe that she has only been at it for a short time. Vargas is definitely a dynamic addition to any musicians-to-watch list”

Elmore Magazine

Vargas certainly lives up to the standards of two of her personal influences – Nina Simone and Tom Waits. She sounds incredible!” - Alex Gallacher

Folk Radio UK