Pardon Me, Swisster

Got a little behind, but here we are. Had a nice little outdoor breakfast in Freiburg and left for Switzerland. It was an easy 2 hour drive. At the border, we were asked if we had anything to declare and then let through. We had a small living room concert in Winterthur, just outside of Zürich. We briefly met our host, Nicola, before heading upstairs for a nap. The exhaustion was hitting us hard. 

Once we woke up, people started arriving with food and wine. We made our way downstairs and attempted to make conversation, but it felt we were missing something. It was the 1st time we really felt out of our element, like there was some disconnect and we couldn’t figure out what it was. Where we unaware of some Swiss etiquette? Was there a language barrier?

Once we started playing, the room felt lighter and somewhat familiar. We invited the guests to create their own percussion instruments with objects around them. Nicola ran out of the room and returned with arms full of auxiliary percussion. It was the most lovely version of “7 Inches” yet. 

During the break, we were able to connect with a few attendees over travel and guitar talk. 

Finished off the night and went to bed. 

Lena left for New York in the morning. 

Lizzy and Kate had a quiet breakfast with the family. 



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