We were sad to leave Reiner’s hammock haven but we had to get to Lena’s table tennis match. An hour in to our drive, we realized we forgot a bag. Luckily, it was only CDs, gummies, and fake nails. Could’ve been much worse. 

Only 2 hours to Freiburg. We dumped our laundry at the Wash & Art and met up with Raimund from last night. He gave us a quick tour of the area, then went to his office, an audiophile’s paradise. He treated us to some vinyl sounds on his incredible system and a bit of ping pong on his table. 

Soundcheck at Kimperstube with Mathias. We were instantly taken by the venue, a 70s-themed co-op for musicians with recording and rehearsal studios, that opens into a performance space a couple times a month. The owner, Daniel, has created a really unique and important place. 

People filled the room, sitting on couches and cushions, and Theo opened up the night with some sweet solo tunes in 3 languages. 

It was another single-setter and we closed out with an unplugged version of “Rattlin’ Bog”. It felt like we were playing to friends. 

There’s really something good going here.

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