Karma XL

Boiling hot day in Opelika. Per suggestion, we stopped by Side Track Coffee, an Instagram-worthy spot based on a "pay-what-you-want" model. It was stressful but it boosted our faith in humanity that it's been able to stay open and thrive for five years.

Headed to Auburn University for our Kate date at Sunny's food truck, Good Karma. Despite the heat, students were lined up to get their curries and masalas. Sunny hooked us up. We're beyond impressed with his skills. The recipes, for sure, but he also showed us a few card tricks.

Off to Birmingham. Mango lassis in hand.

Quick check in at the hotel, then to MAKEbhm for The Loft Show. The Loft Show was started in founder Josh's loft as a house concert series. Once it outgrew his loft, Josh teamed up with MAKE, an artists co-working space, to put on shows every month.

We were playing in a lineup of 4 acts - Will Solomon, McKenzie Lockhart, and Lylak. Enjoyed listening to everyone and the crowd was welcoming and supportive. 

The mission of The Loft Show is an admirable one and one we see less and less. It is to support live music. 100% of the money goes to the musicians. Josh, you are a true advocate and we celebrate you.

Ended our night at Walmart with a photoshoot of extra large food items.


Elizabeth from Lylak modeling the new RD tote

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