Hammock Haven

Longest drive of the trip. 3 and a half hours from Marburg to Stuttgart. Not too bad. Parked outside the venue, Café Galao, and explored the secondhand shops along the street. We were told ahead of time that Galao is under renovation, so our show would be at a venue just a few minutes away. Even though there was construction going on inside, there was a line of filled tables outside. Reiner immediately welcomed us with food and coffee, then took us up to the apartment where we’d be staying the night. It was out of a dream, beds on beds, hammocks on hammocks, gymnast rings hanging from the ceiling. We want Reiner to design all of our apartments.  

Our show was at Galerie Kern Weine pretty much the most hip place we’ve ever been. And a very good-looking crowd. We just played one set. Met a whole bunch of interesting people afterward, including a fellow New Yorker and Raimund from Freiburg, who challenged Lena to a table tennis match before our next gig.  

We ended the night with sweets in the square.

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