Good Golly, Miss Dolly

Left Nashville for Strawberry Plains to connect with Eric Davis (aka Feathered Mason). Nice Tennessee drive. We arrived on a large farm and were greeted by Eric and Jennifer and shown to our house for the night. Shared homemade ginger beer on the epic porch and watched the sunset.

Woke up early for the WDVX Blue Plate Special, a daily noontime radio show with 2 live acts hosted by Red Hickey and performed in front of an audience. Met the other act, Trevor Ohlson, and we were given the rundown of the show. It felt like a lot to keep track of but Red Hickey and the WDVX team really had things running smoothly. The show will be available to stream here.

Said our goodbyes and took off for Dollywood. 

Minor guitar debacle upon arrival, which we will be speaking to Ms. Parton about. We couldn't leave the guitar in a hot car in the parking lot but we were told repeatedly that there was no place to store it. We were sent from person to person until, finally, package pickup made an exception for us. Thank you to those kind gents.

The park was practically empty. Zero wait times for rides. 100% thrills and butterflies.

Dollywood was everything we imagined and more.


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